ShipRocked 2022 BC

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  • ShipRocked 2022 BC
  • Carnival Breeze
  • January 22, 2022 - January 27, 2022

Unga Bunga ShipRockers!

Here is where you will create your reservation, select the Luxury Cave of your choice, add your cavemate(s) info, and pay the required deposit(s) for each guest to whom you assign financial responsibility.

Please have the following information ready as you are reserving your Cave:

- Legal First and Last Names of everyone in the Cave -- must match ASK4 Profiles!
- Dates of Birth (month, day, year) of everyone in the Cave
- Country of Citizenship and Residency information for everyone in the Cave
- Credit card information for each guest who will be responsible for payment

Cavemate Match Program

The Cavemate Match Program allows solo guests to reserve a double, triple or quad occupancy cave for only one cruise fare (plus taxes and fees). ASK4 will then match you with a guest(s) of the same age group and gender.

If you do not have a cavemate, and would like to enroll in the Cavemate Match Progam and have ASK4 assign one (or more) cabinmates for you, please select the option for "1 Guest" below. Cavemates and cave numbers will be assigned within 30 days of sailing.

Traveling With Children?

Children aged 6 months – 12 years at the time of sailing will be charged only taxes and fees ($275.00 per person) if booked as the 3rd/4th guests in cave with 2 full-fare double-occupancy adults. If a child under 12 is booked as the 2nd guest in the cave, the full 2nd adult fare still applies, plus taxes and fees.

Guests making their reservations online will need to book their caves at the total occupancy level for all guests, including children. For instance, if 2 adults and 2 children will occupy the cave, then a Quad cave must be booked.

Upon completion of the online reservation, guests should contact ASK4 Reservations, by calling 888-402-ASK4 (2754), or by emailing in order to have their child rates adjusted, and the adult rate based on the double occupancy rate.

Ready To Rock Hard & Vacation Harder?

Select the number of guests for this reservation. Only categories that support the selected occupancy will be displayed.
  younger than 13 years old at the time of sailing

If you have already made a reservation and are returning to make a payment or add additional options, please click below.