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  • ShipRocked 2021 Presale Registration
  • January 18, 2021 - January 23, 2021

If You Sailed On ShipRocked 2020... 

All guests who sailed onboard ShipRocked 2020 have already been registered for the SR21 Presale. No further action is required. You DO NOT need to sign up again - any duplicate registrations will be removed.  In the coming weeks, you will receive an email with your SR21 Access Token and your earliest booking date and time (see below).

If You Did NOT Sail On SR20, Please Carefully Read Everything Below!

Why Sign Up For The Presale?

Registering for the Presale lets us know that you are interested in sailing onboard ShipRocked 2021, and places you in line (based on your sailing history, and the date/time you joined the Presale) for the chance to reserve a stateroom before cabins go on-sale to the general public!

What Does It Cost?

Signing up for the Presale is absolutely FREE. No deposit is required. Stateroom pricing for the cruise will be announced along with payment details and additional information shortly before the Presale begins.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Because signing up for the Presale does not require that you make a stateroom reservation, and because there is no payment associated with registering, there is no cancellation policy in place. Joining the Presale simply lets us know that you're interested in sailing onboard the next cruise, and places you in line for a chance to reserve a cabin (see "The Fine Print").

After I Sign Up, What's Next?

A week or so before the SR21 Presale begins, you will receive an email containing your individual access 'Token' (access code for the SR21 reservations system) as well as your earliest booking date and time. This email will also contain complete information about how to reserve your stateroom for the cruise, add your cabinmates, make deposits/payments, and complete your ShipRocked 2021 reservation.

What Are Earliest Booking Dates & Times?

Earliest booking dates and times are assigned to everyone who registers for the Presale, and reflect when you will first be able to access the reservations system using your Access Token.

How Are They Determined & Ordered?

Earliest booking dates and times are determined and ordered first by whether or not you sailed onboard the prior ShipRocked cruise, and then by the total number of times you've sailed on ShipRocked, and the date/time you signed up for the SR21 Pre-Sale:

  1. ShipRocked Alumni*
    Grouped and ordered from the highest number of prior sailings to the lowest, and then the date/time you signed up for the Presale - (SR09-SR11 count as ONE sailing in your history)
  2. First Time Guests
    Ordered by the date/time you signed up for the Pre-Sale

*NOTE:  SR20 Alumni will be grouped with all other alumni according to the number of times you've sailed, but are prioritized ahead of those with the same number of sailings who did not attend SR20. The date/time you made your SR20 reservation will determine the order within your alumni subgroup.

When The Presale Begins, How Long Will I Have To Book My Cabin?

You will have the opportunity to book your cabin at any time after your earliest booking date/time, unless and until the cruise sells out (see "The Fine Print" below). Earliest booking dates and times will be spread out over a couple of weeks so that ASK4 can offer you the best possible customer service experience as you make your reservations.

The Fine Print

Only one Presale registration with one name is required to receive a Token, and any duplicate registrations will be removed. 

Only one Token will be required to book a cabin when the Presale begins. So if you intend to be the Lead Guest in your cabin, only you will need to use your token to select and reserve the cabin. You will be able to add your additional cabinmates at that time. If you will not be the Lead Guest, you do not need to register for the Presale. 

Signing up for the Presale does not require that you make a stateroom reservation during the Presale. Additionally, it DOES NOT GUARANTEE that staterooms will still be available to purchase when it's your time to book. All cabins will be sold on a first come first serve basis, subject to the earliest booking dates and times of those who have signed up for the Presale.

We hope to accommodate as many guests as possible to be a part of the ShipRocked experience. However, should the cruise sell out at any time during the Presale, we will create a separate priority waiting list for those who are still interested in booking should stateroom cancellations occur. Please note, however, that if you sign up for the Presale and are unable to book a cabin, you will NOT be automatically added to the waiting list, but instead will need to join the waiting list separately. Wait list info will be made available upon the cruise selling out.

Any Additional Questions Before You Register?

Feel free to contact us by email at, or by phone at 888-402-ASK4 (2754)

Ready To Rock Hard & Vacation Harder?

If you're ready to get ShipRocked, then click below to sign up for the SR21 Presale!


If you have already registered for the Presale and are returning to update your ASK4 Account profile info, please click the button below.